• SWV In-wall Module

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in-wall module can be controlled through an EnOcean® compliant Home Automation Gateway or directly through other EnOcean® controllers, such as the SWV Soft Remote, Wall Switch or Card Switch. 

Mounted behind your existing wired Wall Switch or in the ceiling, the SWV in-wall module allows to make your home smarter (lights, power plug, heaters, etc...) very simply.

The wired wall switch inputs allow to add an additional “toggle switch” in less than 10mn, without any construction work!

Technical Data
Power source 230V AC +/-10% - 50Hz
Operational temperature 0°C to 40°C - Altitude – 2.000m
Range 30m
Dimension 40 x 45 x 16,9mm
Warranty 2 years
Maximum output power 1*2.3kW (1 channel version) or 2*1.1kW (2 channels version)
Self-consumption: <1W
EnOcean® radio protocol 868.3MHz Bidirectionnal , EEP : D2-01-0E (1 channel) / D2-01-12 (2 channels)
Misc 2 inputs for existing wired wall switch(es)

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SWV In-wall Module

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