• SWV Radio Solenoid  Valve Controller

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FPK 250 is an universal and extremely flat switch insert with a maintenance free, self-powered radio transmitter. 

Using Energy Harvesting technology, the range of transmitters and receivers exploit tiny amounts of ambient energy- in stead of environmentally unfriendly batteries- to wire lessly operate valves at ranges of up to 300 meters in free space. Using radio relay beacons will extend the wire-free transmission up to any given distance.

Technical Data
Misc Wireless push buttons, 80X80mm external dimensions, Internal frame dimensions 55 X 55mm, 15mm high. With intermediate frame. Generates the power for wireless telegrams itself when the button is pressed, therefore there is no connecting wire and no standby loss. The moulded base HP, the wireless module and one adhesive foil sticker plate.

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SWV Radio Solenoid Valve Controller

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