The World Is Getting Smaller

We can deliver your needs and desires effectively to our partner factories, communicate in Chinese or English, assuring that nothing gets “lost in translation”. When doing business in China, the chain of communication breaks down and what you want and what you get end up being two distinctly different things… but help is at hand.

Smartwireless valves can bridge the gap on behalf of your company and let you reap the benefits of lower cost goods from China. No matter what the product, we can help you source or have it manufactured at Far Eastern prices.

We take full control of the whole project on your behalf enabling you to do what you do best, and that’s run your company. Our aim is to seamlessly integrate the entire sourcing solution into your business by offering you the products at a single price delivered to your door. Smartwireless Valves simply takes care of the rest.

For customers that want to take a more active role in the life cycle, Smartwireless Valves can tailor some or all of the elements as required. Some larger organisation prefer our cost plus policy where all financials are open books and Smartwireless Valves simply charges a % of the goods on top. The simple premise is we will take away as much or a little of the pain from China sourcing as you require.

Even if you have an established supply chain in China, you may simply want to outsource the whole fulfilment from end to end, to help free up your business.